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FLS Boston Commons

Learn English in Boston, “The Cradle of American Liberty”

Steeped in history, rich in culture, and home to one of America’s most popular sports teams, Boston has it all. When you learn English in Boston, you’ll find a center that’s ideally situated. FLS Boston Commons is located right in the heart of downtown and overlooks Boston Common, the city's famous public park and gardens. The historic Freedom Trail and Beacon Hill are both within easy walking distance from the center. Nearby, the bustling financial district, Government Center and theater district offer endless options for dining and entertainment.

Campus Profile

FLS Boston CommonsLocated right in downtown Boston, our center offers a cosmopolitan experience in one of America's premier cities. The center's modern facilties offer students all the tools they need for an exceptional educational experience. Our center overlooks the Boston Common public park and is seated between the campuses of several colleges and universities. Students will enjoy studying in our comfortable student lounge, or taking their textbooks outside for study groups on the expansive Boston Commons lawn.

Campus Facilities

Computer Lab
Offering students internet access and word processing tools, our computer lab is perfect for students doing research for class or simply to check their email.
Student Lounge
With comfy sofas and plenty of table space the student lounge is the perfect place to relax for some reading, have a quick snack, or catch up with your friends.
Offering a selection of course-related books as well as books for casual reading, the library provides students additional space for reading and study after class.

Housing Options


FLS Boston Commons - Homestay FamilyA homestay is a great way to experience American culture while improving your English ability! All of our centers offer homestay accommodation with American families individually selected by FLS. With your host family you'll learn about American daily life, practice English on a regular basis and participate in many aspects of American culture that visitors often don't get to see.

International Guest House

FLS Boston Commons - International Guest HouseLocated in a beautiful brownstone in the heart of Downtown Boston, the International Guest House is a perfect place for students to meet students of other nationalities, access Boston’s historical attractions and, of course, improve their English! IGH is located in the prestigious Back Bay neighborhood, just minutes from the Charles River, the Boston Public Gardens, Newbury Street and public transportation. Students share spacious rooms with other students from all over the world and have access to common areas, TV rooms and laundry facilities. A buffet-style breakfast and dinner is served daily, wireless internet is offered for a small monthly fee and linens and towels are provided on a weekly basis. Each room in IGH comes equipped with a phone with a private phone number so that friends and family can reach the student at all times. As well as being a comfortable space for students to improve their English, IGH is located just blocks from FLS International at Boston Commons, making the morning commute to school an easy one!


FLS Boston Commons - DormitoryThe new Boston dorms offer affordable, safe and clean shared accommodations to travelers from all over the world. Guests can join daily programs and meet other guests while being shown around Boston by a local. Students will stay in a quad room or twin room (additional fee) accommodation in the dorm. There are separate rooms for males and females as well as a communal bathroom (one per dorm unit), with showers and toilets. Rooms have a bunk bed and storage locker for each student. A state-of-the art laundry room is available for student use. Freshly laundered linens, a duvet cover and a towel are provided for each new student on arrival. There is a live-in FLS resident advisor. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Take advantage of this great new accommodation option to make the most of your Boston stay!

Since I entered FLS, I have never regretted my decision because the classes offered by FLS are all fantastic.