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My tips for coming to America

Friday, March 5th, 2010
Author: Soo Nam from Korea

soo nam leeWhen you come here in America for studying English, entering a University or just visiting; you will have many chances to meet people from all over the world. And ıt’s very interesting to contact with various cultures and to know them.Talking about our own culture is a nice topic when we first meet people in America, I think.

So I recommend you bring many postcards which is printed national landscapes or memorial buildings. Sharing traditional stuff helps you get along with new friends.

Tips for coming and living in America

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
Author: Ja Kyung from Korea

ja kyung

Welcome to America :)

America is very a nice place.

It has many beautiful landscapes, big oceans, and kind people.

California has warm weather.

But in the morning and night, it is a little bit cold.

So , you have to bring your some warm clothes.

And I recommend that you bring your swimming suits.

Americans wear shoes in their houses.

They like to eat hamburgers, sandwiches, meats so on.

But some people are vegetarians.

There are many kinds of people. American, Spanish, Asian, African..

So you can enjoy many cultures in America.

Come here! Right now! :D