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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about FLS. Since 1986, FLS has offered high-quality English language programs to students from around the world.

Break down your borders with an experience you’ll never forget!

The world keeps getting smaller, so today it’s more important than ever to learn about other cultures. There’s no better way to understand a new culture than by learning its language and meeting its people. This is what FLS International has been about for over 30 years.

By joining an FLS program, students improve their English, gain an understanding of other cultures and develop their independence. Studying overseas can be life-changing, leading students to challenge themselves, find their true passions and encounter new ideas to increase their personal growth.

Students at our centers have opportunities to interact with many members of the community, making connections and deepening their experience of American life:

Our teachers are highly skilled and qualified, using the latest curriculum and technological innovations to provide students with individualized attention. Our host families quickly bond with students, enhancing their ability to experience the American lifestyle and share daily family activities.

Our activity guides are eager to inject the energy of the local community, show students regional highlights, engage them in conversation and open up new adventures.

Our staff consists of enthusiastic international education veterans, bringing unique cross-cultural insight to the development and expansion of our programs.

Our community of international students are all engaged in the process of sharing their educational experience together, making lasting friends and sharing encounters.

Our varied activity program encourages students to learn about the history and culture of each region, volunteer with community organizations and experience the sights and sounds of the U.S.A.

Our centers are located in distinctive, culturally important areas of the country, giving students authentic insights into daily American life.

At FLS we invite each student to appreciate the allure of a new language and immerse themselves in a new culture. We strive to give students both the edge and motivation necessary to become part of the global marketplace and pursue endless opportunities for personal growth.

As America’s largest network of family-owned and operated language schools, FLS is proud of our excellent record of student satisfaction and client service. For over three decades, we have offered programs that entice students to reach new levels of success and expand their dreams. With our responsiveness and individualized attention to student concerns, we are confident that FLS is the best choice for a unique and valuable American experience.

FLS invites you to create your own story!


Francine Forman Swain
Director and Founder - FLS International